Mostly people thinks computer security as something technical and complex but most importantly security actually very simple to understand. let me explain some important things you should know to make safe yourself in virtual web world online.


Enable Automatic Update

As we all know inside Internet World, there is a lot of software currently some of the basic essential software we are using in Windows, MAC operating system.

Consequently, these application and software contain many security issues we found. These days, alot of operating system and application programs comes with automatic updates to decline these secutiry points so one interesting thing automatic update features unable an WIN, MAC User to update without clicking on update button, so it will update itself in background usually when you Turn ON your WIN, MAC Operating system.

But over 70% people avoid upgrade of window operating system because these 70% people thinks if we update/upgrade windows 10, 7, 8.1 or later version our system will be slow bootup and another thought occure windows will be corrupted. Maybe they don’t like to Restart their system due to lack of time etc. well this things is not good to deal with.

if you have turned off automatic updates from your operating system. Go Turn Them On Right Now.

If you are using Windows 10, in that case follow fig.01

All you need to protect your computer from virus, worm online threats to keep updated regularly according to your schedule because of Microsoft and their associated product like Windows Defender, office on the second Tuesday of each month. These updates not only will fix your system security it will also fix bugs regarding your system. so that is the right way to protect yourself against the latest known vulnerabilities is by updating.

Malicious attackers are always looking for an opportunity to threat a system using patch files to the unpatched system they can attack, and automatic updates keep you Turn OFF.

Use Antivirus & Anti-Malware Programs

We all know we should use antivirus and anti-malware programs in our system to make sure our system is protected by a strong security program called antivirus or anti-malware. but here is one thing we are missing to keep TURN OFF system updates of windows. Might be you have heard about Windows Defender its free and built application program by Microsoft and it works same as antivirus and anti-malware that’s why we called this program as Windows Defender. Most of the peoples don’t like this built feature windows defender because whenever they are trying to download files via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox windows defender point out this file you have download on that patch is suspicious file and a pop-up appear weather you have to ignore that notification or delete that file from that patch or directory of administrator. Well according to my experience if you don’t like that notification you should always visit those sites which have secure SSL and it is protected by SSL web.

In these images you can see we are updating windows deffender before scaning system.


Recommanded Antivirus & Anti-Malware

Strong Password Better Then Weak Password

You probably know the password is more important, but you don’t know how much it does important to you and hacker.

Usually, people have a very weak password which is really easy for a hacker to crack and break it with a simple Dictionary attack or Brute force attack if you don’t know these term you should better to research it.

Here is the thing we are now no longer live in old internet days, where you can just use the same password on each account. Note that services get hack every day every time if you are using the same password on each privacy account or social media account so in this scenario when someone hacked you with your any Account like G-mail or Facebook definitely he has sure you have the same password on others personal accounts to he/she will try to unauthorized access to them. Remember that Keep secure you G-mail account that is the main and basic component in the internet world nowadays if someone access to your Gmail he will get access to your every account.

I recommend everyone to use a user password manager Like LastPass application/program which helps you to generate secure longtail password and also helps you to store your personal password in desire list so this application quite good as compare to others. It will work as in central place automatically generate a password for you or automatically fillup your password when you try login to your facebook, G-mail. Paypal etc.

So this application available in now android version and windows and mac its better to use this app rather make your birthday password 🙂


Be Careful About the Programs You Download and Run

Most of the people seem to download the software without knowing their use and most of the people download and run a file which they never heard about that. so these types of people always found windows bugs and contain a lot of virus with sometimes get hacked or file damaged so it seems accidentally happened.

So always be careful about programs you download and run make sure that you better know that program and its feature and uses and also make sure that un-trusted application programs are not good for your system. only trustworthy software and programs you should prefer to download. supposed if you wanted to download Driver of your windows 7. only download it from the official website of your laptop brand like HP, Dell etc

Don’t trust on another website if they are giving you links to download drivers of that PC/laptop. 

Be aware of these types of the program if you ever have seen in your system. Mostly it runs automatically and accidentally you give permission to install in your system. if you did then be ready to install new windows or recover your lost C://drive data.


Tha is open file security warning as you can see unknown publisher and its windows installer package which is potentially dangerous.

Don’t Trust Your Pop-up Notification

Never download or install something you don’t know. if a website tells you to download flash is out of date or ask you to download flash player latest version normally it happens in most common internet browser like chrome etc.

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