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As we Knows USB is much faster and easier way to install Windows operating system inside any PC/Laptop expect CD (Compact Disk). Because mostly people depends now USB and they have min USB and Portable Hard-Disk like SSD and HDD their they can use instantly anywhere whenever they want.

Well, In this post we are going to learn how to install Any Windows from scratch so follow entire steps in this post.

Before we Begin note down in mind following Steps.

Step 01: Create and Download Windows ISO

Step 02: Create an Installation point for USB drive

Step 03: Install Windows 10/8.1/7 through USB 


Please make sure that you should have USB Flash Drive with minimum 8GB Storage Capacity to perform this action and it should be empty. If you have any important DATA inside it make sure you have transfer it first otherwise you will be lose DATA.

  1. Plug your USB Flash Drive into PC/Laptop USB Port.
  2. Click Start Button there you can see Search Bar Type: CMD
  3. Run as Administrator 

In my case I’m using Windows 10

How to make USB Bootable

After, Opening CMD Exectue following commands on CMD Window.

1. Diskpart

2. list disk

You can see Disk 2 is an USB Drive which is 29GB and other 2 left above are Primary and Secondary drive which is know as Hard-Disk so becareful when you are going to select USB disk cleaning puropse.

3. select disk 2  (Select your USB disk in your CMD Case )

4. clean

As you can see massage appear Disk Part successed in cleaning the disk.

When you clean the USB drive you need to formate it.

Now you Can use Partition mini Tool to create partition point.

Click on button to download Partition mini tool. 

Partition Mini Tool


When you will create partition USB Disk will appear like above the following images.

NOTE: These steps are essential in those case when you are unable to format partition.

Step 01: Create and Download Windows ISO

You need to first download windows ISO image file to make your USB Flash Drive bootable so, In order to do it you can either click on this How to download windows 10/8.1/7 Pro and entrprise versions.

Click on post to download it. Full Activated Version of Windows 7/10/8 All in One

Windows 7 | 8.1 | 10 All in One 32 | 64 Bit Updated June 2019 Download


Step 02: Create an Installation point for USB drive

For creation of installation in USB Drive that ISO file which you already downlaod in your system which looks like this,

Now you need to download Rufus 3.8 USB tool to make your usb Bootable 

Click on this link to download Rufus Utility from Official Website. Rufus



As you can see two pop-up Windows on Desktop Windows of Rufus Utility program you just have to simply pick up an desire windows ISO file from your D:// C:// or F:// path and upload it, and there is no need to change anything eles inside in it, remain bootable section as it is and just click on Start to exectue task.

Step 03: Install Windows 10/8.1/7 through USB 

Now every has been done, Plug USB you need to restart your computer and Press F12 or F2 Bootmenu will apear and install window.

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