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Today I’m going to show you how you can install Kali-Linux O.S On your Current Operation System whether you are using Windows, Mac it doesn’t matter you can install any Operating system while using Virtual Box

In this process, before you need to install Virtual-Box Open Source Package while clicking on Hyperlink Virtual Box When you are done installing Virtual Box you need to follow these following Steps:

Step 1:

Open Virtual Box Available on Desktop icon or go through task menu of your windows.


Step 2:

Right click on File menu as you can see in Screen Shots and then click import button to import kali-linux.iso file which you downloaded 

Note:  Extension of Kali.linux iso file should be in [.ova] or[.ovf] because its open source file which required to pick up this extension of Operating system only.

Step 3:

Import Kali-linux 2018.ios file as shown in Screen Shot select the path of that file where you downloaded or saved in your Windows Directory C, E, F, D whatever 



After this Click on Next, it will take less than 1 minute to install depending on your computer system requirements.

Step 4:

After importing Virtual Box Machine of Kali-Linux pop-up window will appear know as Appliance Setting there you do not need to do anything But assigned the kali-Linux Disk Path where all files and folder or your downloaded data will be stored there as root directory Max space should be 100 GB if you wanted to work on Big Softwares Min-30 enough. See the appliance Setting Screenshot. In my case my direcotry set as C:\Users\FJ20k19\Virtualbox VMS\



After installing VMBOX you will find on the left side of your VMBOX Machine your Operating System which you install as kali-Linux

Tip: You can install more kali-Linux through these steps or other O.S like Ubuntu, Mac, Android, or IOS 


Step 5:

Start your kali-Linux Operating System and give User: root Password: toor

It’s default user name and password which is provided by Kali-Linux O.S

you can modify it according to your pass or user name i will explain it in a later blog, soon


Step 6: 

Finally, you are able to see you kali-Linux Operating System Display

Hope you like today’s blog 

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