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Today, We are going to learn how to install Terminator in Kali-Linux package same as Kali-linux terminal. Most of you guys familiar with this basic command tool and we all depend on this tool whenever we are going to taste Linux Operting system but majoirty of Windows User Use CMD tool to navigate quickly with the help of Windows CMD command line basic commands.

However, we are not going to discuss Windows CMD tool, we are talking about Terminal which is built kernel and was originally written by Linus Torvalds in 1991 as you know terminal has no more split features thats why terminator introduced for multitasking console working on linux operating system and their activities.

That the basic veiw of terminal which is quite simple instead of multitasking split features.

Now to install “Terminator” Package application on your linux operating system, you will need to open your Basic Terminal as you can see on above image.

Right Click to open Terminal and Put following Command inside.

 Apt-get install Terminator

After typing ” Apt-get install Terminator” Note that you have connect through LAN or Wireless becuase when you hit this command on terminal it will start fetching datat from Linux dependences and its python script becuase as you can see this terminator script written in python language and paython support linux terminal console. Click “Y to contintue Operation and this package will be install automatically on your linux operating system.

Now all done, Further now you need to Move Terminator icon on Desktop or Menu List option for quick access.

Type in terminal window

Open Terminator

A Basic Terminator windows will pop-up on your screen so you can use it and if you wanted to split for multitasking purpose you can do it.

All done! if you have still problem while installtion just comment i will reply you ASAP.


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