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Teachers are playing very important key role as leader in class and any learning environment. They must, therefore remain updated regarding technology which is influencing readily the education platform around the world. It could be a homework assistance website or several gadgets that make learning process easier. If you are a teacher who wants to lead your students into easy learning through technology, here I’m sharing top 12 learning website and blogs where you can learn easily.


The Daring Librarian 

Every teacher desires a single source of reference materials. However, the library is never an exciting place to send students for these quality learning materials. Consider The Daring Librarian as your alternative. This blogger features the latest learning ideas, gadgets, and resources on a regular basis. She also puts an incredible sense of humor in the presentations to make them engaging. You and your students will definitely be having fun while learning.

Mickey McFetridge

Mickey is an educationist and technology enthusiast per excellence. He has been a director of a virtual education campus for years. The author will teach you about the latest methods of creating digital content for your class to ensure that it works. He also helps you use existing tools to innovate on the ideas you are exploring. He has been Education Blogger with 250,000+ hits from across the globe since 2015. Director of Federal Programs & Professional Learning for Fayetteville Public Schools.

View Pure

Technology has made the process of video streaming directly from the internet very easy. However, you have no idea what advert will pop-up. View pure helps you to view Brilliant education content without the disturbing pop-out ads. Most important you can stream the videos live.


We all knows each day we witnessed new products and education development things launched into the market. So EdtechRoundUp accumulate all these inventions into a single platform every week. The updates will allow a teacher to select the latest gadget for his/her learning environments.

Kyle Anderson

Kyle is an educationist at heart. He shares ideas and strategies for integrating technology in education with teachers and institutions. Through his thoughts, technology will not become a burden or a source of confusion. His Passion in education technology strategy has been verified over time.

360 Cities

Students would appreciate a sense of reality in class. They would want to see the places you are talking about and even experience the sounds. 360 Cities provides a detailed and animated view of cities, towns, and features around the world. 360 Cities gives learners a better mental picture and even understanding of the elements in question. It resembles the VR experience.


KammasKersch is a certified education technology enthusiast. She specializes in the use of technology and gadgets for learning purpose. If you are Interested about how to use a particular device or technology, Kersch is the person to turn to. She also provides insights on how an entire institution can be integrated using technology.


Edudemic can be regarded among the largest portals for education materials. It provides teachers with ideas, lesson plans, and suggestions of resources that will make learning easier. every day something new there so  you can visit this website.

Google Earth

Google Earth is a platform you can use on the phone or computer. It transports you to any location around the world. Also, it helps in contextualizing ideas because you can zoom in and out instead of explaining simple geographical concepts using a lot of words. You have the entire world at the palm of your hands.

Free Technology 4 Teachers

While teachers have excellent ideas they can use in their classes, the resources to implement these ideas are often scarce. Free Technology 4 Teachers highlights the apps, software, graphics, videos, and other resources that will make teaching easier. As the name suggests, these resources are available free of charge.


Are you looking for information organized in grades, disciplines, topics, and other categories that make it easy to find? Edutopia is the portal to visit. It comes with an easy search feature that also includes trending topics.


This platform allows you to animate the materials like videos, graphics, and slides. You can turn them into puzzles and make them more engaging to use for school work. You engage users by adding comments and narrations, among other features.

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